image2409 You have what looks to be some great IP, but no one can articulate a written, compelling, vetted and believable “go to market” strategy.
image2571 No one can tell you what went wrong with the first plan or has any believable ideas for a new one.
image2145 Your team blames the customer, the market, the competition, the lack of investment capital, each other, the moon or the stars, for not meeting their plan.
image2583 Your team consistently misses projections and deadlines and needs more investment capital.
image2579 Your company needs a strategic, distribution, joint development or marketing partner, or you need to sell an asset.
image2575 As an investor or manager, you have a nagging feeling that, with more help, you could be more efficient in vetting opportunities and deciding what to do with portfolio companies.



projectionvsreality key

hocket first several
The “Hockey Stick”
The market looks great, but nothing has
been tested against reality.
First Missed Projection
“Oops!” The first investment has been
made, the money’s been spent, and
the revenue reality starts to underper-
form the projection. The company
needs more cash. What do you do?
Several Missed Projections
Serial investments with serial "oops." You've got that "sinking feeling." Once again, the company needs more cash. What do you do now?