These newsletters are the result of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom gained from almost 30 years in the business world.  Topics include how to properly position your company and product; common mistakes; the steps of the sales process; how to choose a distribution channel, and other “hands on” subjects.

The objective of each newsletter is to justify your investment of time in reading it by providing you with one or more actionable steps you can put to work right away to create more profit for your company. 


4 Minutes and 2 Steps to Maximize Your Profit / How To Position Your Company and Product for Maximum
Acceptance by Your Customer and Maximum Profit for You

Common Mistake #1: Defining Product Specifications (and Believing You Can Build a Company)
By Talking Only With Innovators

Common Mistake #2: Introducing Your Product Before It’s Ready, or, Wait! (Orson Wells Was Right)

Investors / How to Be Like Them, Think Like Them, and Sell to Them.

The Joys and Revelations of Objections / How to Process Objections and Turn Them Into Sales.

Demonstrations -- The Last Thing You’ll Do / When to Give Them; How to Set Them Up

Common Mistake #3: Not Matching “One Who Receives Value” with “One Who Pays”

How to Understand and Profit from Negotiation

Everything You Need to Know About the Sales Process, In One Sentence With Two Steps

How to Make a Lot of Money / Or (More Accurately) How To Make More Than You Would Have Otherwise

How to Staff Properly, Manage People Well, and Be A Great Leader

How to Think

Windows of Opportunity-- Alluring, But Dangerous

How to Get Better Results While Working Less Overall / Or the Magic of the Extra 10%