KL had developed and implemented software to be used by manufacturers and retailers that used the Internet to make sales, both on-line, and off-line.

Re-position the company and its product (which was developed for an application that was not marketable “as is”), and effectively market it to companies willing to pay for it.

Deconstructed the intellectual property (IP) of the company in order to better understand and unlock its underlying value.  From that point, reconstructed the IP in several different ways and subject each variation to competitive and market analysis in order to determine the most advantageous company and product re-positioning. Developed a “go to market” strategy that best matched the reassembled attributes of the company and product to the attributes of the target customer that would fine such attributes the most compelling.  From these matches, developed a strategic marketing and sales plan that included the definition and purpose of several discrete stages in the sales process, including:

  • Defining the attributes of the most likely customer targets.

Identification of the targets themselves.

  • Cold call approach and cold call scripts.
  • Customer “Needs Analysis” format and execution.
  • PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations using the “live” software.
  • Return on investment calculations and justifications.
  • Closing presentations.

The recommended program was implemented, and, at the termination of the engagement, several potential clients were in the final contracting stage.