On Target Consultants was founded by Chuck Bolotin. Chuck founded his first successful business when he was 15 years old. At the age of 23, he joined a commercial office equipment reseller. Within 5 years, he had become Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, transformed the business, and had increased revenues in excess of 800%, with an 1,100% increase in earnings.

By the age of 28, Chuck founded and became CEO of Office Solutions Inc., which, through several groundbreaking industry-first strategic alliances and his development and implementation of a highly successful consultative sales program, achieved industry-leading sales and overall financial performance (32% pre-tax profit).

After selling Office Solutions, Chuck founded and became CEO of InterMed Software Inc., a company that created clinical automation software to run on a pen-based notebook PC. Chuck secured debt and equity financing, identified and negotiated with a strategic partner (a public company) that also brought in working capital, identified the eventual buyer and negotiated the sale of InterMed Software in 1999.

In 2005, Chuck joined BioVigilant Systems (a venture-funded start-up) as Vice President, Marketing and Sales, with the charter to determine if the company’s IP had value in markets then unknown to the company.

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Within two months, Chuck identified a potential $2 billion + market selling to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Chuck defined the “go to market” strategy and executed it with what was, at first, a small team. Achievements included forming a Consortium of 14 of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, successful execution of the on-going FDA submission strategy, and initial sales to 13 pharmaceutical manufacturers (also some of the largest in the world). Chuck left BioVigilant as Vice President, Pharma Business Unit.

Chuck applies his knowledge and experience for the clients of On Target Consultants; as VP, Business Development for the innovative and highly successful start-up Best Places In The World To Retire; as a frequent lecturer, Eller College of Management, MBA Program, University of Arizona; and as a Business Mentor at the Arizona Center for Innovation.

Patents, YouTube Videos, iTunes Audio

Chuck Bolotin was granted US Patent US8628976 B2, URL: http://www.google.com/patents/US8628976

YouTube of Chuck Bolotin Identifies the Purpose of a Business Plan: Part 1 Eller College of Management, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona, Feb 23, 2012

YouTube of Chuck Bolotin Identifies the Purpose of a Business Plan: Part 2, Eller College of Management, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona, Feb 23, 2012

Interview with Chuck Bolotin: Methods for Taking Companies and Products to Market, published by: McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona May 24, 2010: http://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/on-target-consultants/id413138438

Dr. John Wadleigh
CEO Arizona Medical Services,
CEO Expert Clinical Systems:

“Chuck Bolotin, On Target Consultants, has been invaluable to our startup business. Chuck brings a practical and experienced insight to help weave through the near impossible maze of a startup venture.”

Stan Fridstein
Managing Partner, Synapse Infusion Group,
Co-Founder and President, Right Start:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck in several business ventures. He is a quick study and a very deep thinker. His approach to business problems is absolutely astounding to watch. He asks the right questions and is extremely logical in his identification and assessment of the key issues. I would strongly recommend Chuck and am looking forward to working with him on future assignments.”

Brandon Varnau
VP Quality, Bayer HealthCare
Pharmaceuticals Inc.:

“Chuck works exceptionally well with others and provides a product with a large value for pharmaceutical manufactures. Chuck has the ability to drive and motivate groups in search of the best way to implement new technology.”

Doug Rufino
Senior Director, DSM
Pharmaceutical Products:

“Chuck is a dynamic personality and full of passion and energy. With BioVigilant, Chuck was able to take a new untested technology and create a consortium interest amongst the top tier Pharma companies. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chuck on IMD. You can count on him to create a positive, magnetic atmosphere of interest and to deliver.”

Martin Thorpe
IT Consultant:

“I was engaged by a VC funding group to evaluate InterMed’s patient medical record system, where Chuck was the CEO. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in the PMR sphere, long before it became in vogue, with a passion that saw him invest a substantial amount of his own funds, along with the VC’s, in the chase to penetrate care delivery on an electronic basis. He was ahead of the pack. Through the encounter, I came to respect his knowledge and judgment. He has exemplary tenacity.”

Gene Herbster
Management Consultant:

“Chuck is a proven, highly effective marketer, who changed the BioVigilant sales strategy and succeeded in selling an innovative product to the leading Pharma companies in the USA. He is a tireless worker, who is passionate about whatever he undertakes. He is an excellent communicator both in his writing and his oral presentations. His ability to understand customers and their needs is outstanding.”

Phil Holt
President, Altis, Inc.:

“I worked with Chuck on numerous occasions during his time as CEO with InterMed. The application that Chuck and his team at InterMed developed remains among the best examples of workable clinical computing that I’ve seen.”

William Breen
Invensys Process Systems:

“While at BioVigilant I met and worked with an outstanding individual, Chuck Bolotin. Chuck is one of the most creative businessmen I have come across. Chuck has great experience– running a healthcare software company, M/A, creating new markets. At BioVigilant, as VP Marketing & Sales and then VP of the Business Unit, Chuck created a new target market for our breakthrough technology. He single-handedly built a consortium of 14 of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. I highly recommend Chuck to you. I am confident that he could help you take almost any business to the next level.”

Ed Walden
Walden Insurance Services:

“I’ve worked with Chuck for a number of years. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He is a straight shooter and will always send you down the right path. Chuck has a wonderful sense of humor and I always come away with a smile on my face after having a conversation with him.”

Garrett Kowalewski
CEO, Staff Matters:

“Chuck has a keen, creative mind and he has learned how to put it to use. He has a knack for novel, innovative thinking. He is personable, highly customer-focused and is well balanced.

I knew Chuck for a little while before I worked with him as a business partner. I liked him and he was very genuine in all of his interactions with me. An opportunity arose for my company to support one of his clients, and he worked extremely close with me in order to take care of the project. Our first consultant did not work out well at all, and I found Chuck to be high-minded in his approach to solving the problem. He did not dwell on the issues or place blame. He worked collaboratively and trustingly to resolve the problem. I would be grateful to have more business partners like him. “

Micky Thompson
Student, University of Arizona,
Eller College of Management:

“I had the honor to meet Chuck when he was a guest speaker for my Marketing of Innovation graduate course at the University of Arizona Eller MBA. Chuck presented 10 questions he recommended entrepreneurs ask themselves before launching a new product or business. I greatly appreciated him sharing his wisdom and went on to what I nicknamed “The Bolotin Analysis” on deals we evaluated for our course work and my studies in the Eller MBA and McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.

I had the pleasure to meet up with Chuck again in my work with the Desert Angels and seen firsthand Chuck use his analysis as a member of the Desert Angels pre-screening panel.

Chuck is a fund spirited entrepreneurial professional who has gained a widespread reputation throughout the Arizona region as an expert in helping early stage companies develop go to market strategy.

I highly recommend Chuck and have so on many occasions to companies seeking to gain an edge over their competitors and to take their business to the next level. “

Dennis Hicks
Regional Vice President, Client
Provider Services, ACS Inc.
(now Xerox):

“I’ve known Chuck for 15 years, starting with the development of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution before anyone realized the overwhelming benefits it would bring in reducing medical errors and healthcare costs. Chuck is a true visionary and strategic thought leader who has an exceptional grasp of multiple industries and how emerging trends impact organizations through improving and simplifying business solutions. “

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